XDCC Finder has been completely redesigned and reconfigured to bring you a bigger, better, and faster XDCC search engine than ever before. We strive to be the best, most accurate xdcc search engine on the net and always appreciate user feedback. After all, you are the reason we do what we do.

What is XDCC Finder

XDCC Finder is a unique IRC search engine that indexes (eXtended Direct Client-to-client) XDCC packets that are available for download via numerous IRC networks throughout the world, for the purpose of providing its users a method of searching for these packets.

If you are network or channel owner, and would like XDCC Finder to index your channels, please fill out the short form on our submit page and we will add your network/channel to our spyder list.

Why XDCC Finder

XDCC Finder was created to provide its users an easy to use, and accurate XDCC search engine, that isn't full of pop-ups, malicious code, or advertisements that make it difficult to do what users come here to do, and that is "Search, Find, & Download".

Who Is XDCC Finder?

Our team consists of a group of web and software developers. Our affiliation with Bittraffic Hosting and Fourth Dimension Productions allows us to constantly update and improve our site and guarantee awesome speeds and uptime. This is just our way of giving back to the IRC community who has over the years given us so much.

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